Some successful projects:

Elgin poultry


Complete chicken abattoir, including all slaughter equipment, cold/freezer rooms, blast freezers, conveyer systems, electrical, civil works and office air-conditioning

Nedbank Paarl


Installation of new Chiller, water reticulation system , pump systems, cooling towers, fluid coolers, air handling units, computer room A/C units, diffusers and ducting.

Billy Leftley


What makes this room so special is the fact that it’s a holding cold room, de-greening, pull-down and holding freezer room all in one. The client just turns a switch on the DB to change to the desired function.

Overberg Pack


3 x 30 pallet pull-down rooms, 1 x 150 Ton de-greening room, pack-house and office air-conditioning



New loading dock air lock cold room and 5000 Ton holding cheese cold

Thaba Nchu Magistrate Court


Revamp of the whole building, including electrical, civil and new Daikin VRV air-conditioning systems

Compressor Racks


We have designed, manufactured and installed all our own racks all over Africa

Cake Spiral Cooler


Package air handling unit for cake spiral cooler

Du Cup Fruits 





We have built refrigeration containers for the Africa market

Ice Freezer Room


New Ice manufacturing holding freezer room

Fresh Air System


Fresh air filter system for restaurant

Mobile Freezer Room



Game meat Freezer


New freezer for game meat. Including stainless steel shelves and meat rail.

Delivery van with insulated box and refrigeration



Strip curtains and partition walls



Mobile freezer mounted on trailer



Trade Shows


We have exhibited on a couple of trade shows over the years, Bien Don Expo is our favourite.